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Kindy Partnership Program - Collaboration with Preschool  Owners

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Raising A Wholesome Preschooler

Education is more than just a paper-and-pen exercise. Our education scene has also evolved with the times to move closer towards cultivating students with the ability to speak confidently in the presence of a crowd. It is a sad fact that many Asian children are not equipped with public speaking skills and lack confidence when they stand in front of a crowd to speak. The inhibitions grow even stronger as they get older. Just like learning a new language, such skills, when taught to children from young, become second nature to them.

If kids can build confidence when they are young, there is more chance that they will lose their fear of public speaking, growing into confident, expressive adults. Public speaking for kids is one of the most essential skills to master - and it is a talent that will need to use throughout their education and their working life. Unfortunately, it is not part of the syllabus in the school. When kids learn about it, even in a short duration class or a workshop, it significantly improves their performance.

It's never too early to encourage kids to stand up in front of people and perform. Being at the centre of the class’s attention and experiencing the class listening to them speak about something important to them will help to build their confidence. Performance doesn't have to be learning lots of lines for a play or spectacle; it can be as simple as singing a song, talking about a picture they drew, reciting a favourite poem or talking about their favourite food.  The more we encourage young kids to speak, the greater the likelihood that their self-confidence will increase with each experience.

Through our Kiddos Public Speaking programme, children find themselves in a safe and welcoming environment where they can work on public speaking skills in more depth. Taking this public speaking programme will improve their speaking skills, help them be a more critical thinker, fine-tune their verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and help overcome public speaking anxiety. Besides, students get public speaking training and tips and techniques from the master; Mr Johan, the founder of Johan Speaking Academy, which helps them in an elocution competition and other public speaking situations. In this programme, the child will learn to project voice for greater authority, exude expression, perform comfortably in the spotlight, effectively organize a speech, and become an expert at connecting with the audience!

Project Team

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Teacher Lee Chen
Head - Sales & Mktg

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Teacher Kasturi
Head - Operations

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Cherry & Johan

Kiddos Public Speaking Collaboration with Preschool Owners  


- Are you looking to integrate public speaking into your current school program ?
- Do you want to increase student enrollment?
- Do you want to raise "wholesome" pre-schoolers from your school?
- Are you a school owner looking to stand out with progressive education?

Kiddos Public Speaking program is a premium TURNKEY  solution for you to create an outstanding preschool in your area. You can bring a new educational approach to your area and attract more families with a PREMIUM concept!

This includes:
- Access to the online platform with continuously updated materials
- Continuous support and growing together
- and much MORE...

To kick start this journey, please fill up the form and get your FREE STARTER PACK. This will aenable your 6-year old students to kick start their journey.  

Starter pack videos


Videos on mindset


Videos on introduction
( your students 1st speech ) 

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Videos on poem
( your students poem ) 

There will also be worksheets and colouring sheets for your students. 


Who is this program for ? 

This is for kindergarten principals who want to pluck in kiddos public speaking program for their students.

This program is targeted for kids age ? 
6 years old.

How long is the duration of the program ? 
This is a 1-year program for the kids. However, for the principal, this program is ongoing as you will use the modules for your next batch of 6 years old.

How much is the cost to undertake this program ? 
There is a special rate for early takers. Do contact us to know more. 


If I am out of Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, or I am not from Malaysia, can my kindy undertake this program ? 
Yes, you can.

Is there a free-trial for us preschool owners to try this ? 

We have a trial-pack which you can use and familiarize. 

For more information, please fill up the form above or click this link :



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